Monday, 11 July 2016

Past Events

Operations Management Forum(s) Activities
Faculty coordinator: Mr. Jinendra Vyas & Mr. R.P.Shrimali 

Date: 23 Jan 2016
Activity 1: Role of SCM in Indian E- Commerce
Description:  Students presented various frontiers about role of SCM in Indian e-commerce industries.
No. of Student Participated: 10

Date: 4 Feb 2016
Activity 2: Automation in Operations Management
Description: A brief review of automation in manufacturing industry is presented to students.
No. of Student Participated: 5

Date: 11 Feb 2016
Activity 3: Total Quality Management Quiz
Description: Student who participated in the Quiz were asked questions on basic principles & fundamentals of TQM. Four rounds of questions were held followed with brief discussion.
Winner: Indubala Sharma (First Position) & Mahendra Singh Loda (Second Position)
No. of Student Participated: 6

Date: 10 March 2016
Activity 4: Business Story Presentation
Description: Students gave presentation on various upcoming business trends and latest upbeats in the area of operations management.
No. of students Participated: 5
Date: 29 March 2016
Activity 5: Entrepreneurship Development
Description: Students presented their Business Plans and discussed every aspect of starting a business venture with faculty mentors. Different aspects starting from procurement of funds to placing of product into markets were discussed with reference to past cases.
No of Students Participated: 5

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